Vademecum to sell a boat

Behind it all, one of the laws of the market is the one that says that if a product does not riesc and to sell, and it is because there are people willing to buy it, there are people willing to buy it at that price, and finally disposed persons To buy it they do not know that you want to sell. Selling a boat in a short time is not impossible, it is only a matter of following the few necessary precautions and not making those two or three mistakes that even few can be irremediable.

Even if you have a rather developed selling attitude, selling a boat is not so simple; There are many steps to be followed carefully to avoid losing the sale to have overlooked one detail or had made a mistake and should be avoided eg rdite of time and empty trips.

Here are the 6 fundamental points to sell a boat (each necessary but not sufficient to obtain the result):

*1)CORRECT EVALUATION *- Be realistic and start from a price of market, which allows the sale as quickly as p ossibile, is the key to everything. Each month that passes generates depreciation and costs (berth, insurance, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance) , on average 1% of the value of the boat every month . A price higher than the market value facilitates the sales of the "competitors" , an excessively low price would sacrifice your profit and could make you think of a boat with problems or with very little resale . To make a fair assessment on the nautical portals , looking for models like yours : check the year , indicatively the conditions and the eventual age of the announcement. Locate the lowest prices (of boats without declared problems) bearing in mind that the mere fact that it is not yet on sale shows that there is no queue to buy and at that price. If there they were few boats for sale like yours, shall analyze also similar patterns. Do not be fooledby too high prices and out of the market. Once you have done these checks and researches, you will have an idea of the value. Then cross this data with the actual boats sold in the last periods c ontact ndo few trusted brokers to make you give NDICATIONS on sales values and conclus and to see if that model is required.

Do not be greedy! Playing according to the old strategy of "I'm not in a hurry to sell and that's why I ask for more / I try" in the nautical market does not work, waiting does not help. The first 15/30 days when the boat is for sale are those in which the ad is more effective: b isogna advantage, p ver a boat remains inserzionata more lost "appeal," suggests in fact a boat that could have problems or acomplicated resale . Better to start at an "anticipated" price, that is to say, to set a price that will take into account the following six months . Once the price has been identified, consider also the work to be done and if by chance the boat does not have standard accessories for that size. Do not post ads with different prices in various portals, this generates distrust and little credibility . Do not be influenced by the advice of the "expert" friend of the pier.

*2)BOAT PREPARATION - *Look at it as if it were not your boat but with the eyes of the pretentious buyer ! Rio rdinal a, clean it and arrange it so that even the most fussy customer can trigger the lightning strike . Disorder and dirt convey negligence and will lead to more serious problems. Prepare it well before you take pictures, s ostituisci any burned out bulbs and if you can get a polished from the hips and treat the teak. O rdina the interior, put the bedspreads, tidies the kitchen (no dish rack, bottles, any ashtrays, dog bowls, garbage cans, etc. On sight). Make sure that the engine room and the eventual crew cabin is not clean, accessible and free of scale. To avoid giving rise to perplexities , keep the batteries in charge so that the interior lights are at the "top" of their brightness. Make sure c h and partano engines on the first try to avoid that when the ccendi in front of the customer you do not do bad figures (maintenance can not be omitted). Neglecting these steps is one of the biggest mistakes that makes 90% of potential buyers lose.

Do not forget to p repara r and documentation: v erification that is up to date and in compliance with the pre views from legal deadlines (of transcripts property transfers licensing, safety records / RINA valid, VHF license) and verification of owning the owner's manual (all documents required by law to sell a boat ) . Finally, take a look at the deadlines of the security equipment (raft, rockets, etc.) . Recover the invoices for maintenance and updating work, always show them to those interested, they will begin to understand immediately what they are buying ;-) .

S and the boat is leased procured the "amortization plan" ( document in which at each expiry date the residual capital debt appears, net of interest) so you can calculate the value of the lease transfer ( set price minus residual VAT payable due including after deduction of interest ) . Prepare the scans of all the documents of the boat to be able to then send them to the potential buyer.

3)PHOTO AND VIDEO - Take several panoramic photos from different angles to each interior and exterior environment and to the engine room, photograph the details you want to emphasize ; use a good wide angle otherwise you 'll only get one detail instead of the whole environment . Today with I nternet we have s the advantage of finding buyers also lon tani from where the boat, so a complete photo album where it rl leaders in well who does not know like you,will be what will move the customer. If you are not equipped or photography is not your passion, " Invest " in an interior photographer professional who , at that point, could also make a good video. With this material, do not forget to prepare a brochure with all the technical data to be sent to potential stakeholders; it is important to keep well in mind who is watching dozens of boats.

4)AD - In the listing you make a detailed description (the more data you enter the less you will ask from time to time), this will make the boat more attractive. Needless to waste time saying " very beautiful , full optionals " , but rather indicates whether for the winter period you have put it back on site , how many coupons from authorized workshops you have made and / or important refit carried out in the last 2/3 years etc. Along with this extensive description, publish many photos and any video ; an ad with professional photos displays a 203.9% more than one without , one with amateur video will be a 64.4% more visible and one with professional video a 423.5%. An ad with a virtual visit an additional 220.9% (data source ) . see our media brochure. It would be advisable to publish the announcement in English in order to attract too foreign customers (the more potential customers you have the less you will have to negotiate the price) . Specify always if the asking price is paid or exposed VAT (if your boat was registered to a company) and if there is a lease in progress: this will allow you to create a "preset" Auto d egl affected. If you were then available to evaluate permutations and, if you have special requirements for exchanges, specific size and type. To understand if you have created an interesting ad, identify yourself to the buyer who does not know your boat and assess if it is attractive and / or that doubts or questions might arise.

ERRORS NOT COMMIT: Do not insert hour or data that do not remember, rather controll wings and enter them later, who comes to visit the king's boat is usually quite careful and controlled during that faces ta as shown in the ad is truthful; otherwise it will start to doubt your reliability . This is often one of the motif that you lose a sale.

5)ORGANIZATION AND VISITS - Make yourself easily available to show the boat. Wash it or let it wash. Arrive before the customer to lay the external cushions and remove the awnings and make sure the batteries are charged. If the visit takes place during the cold season and you have an air conditioner , it is nice to welcome the person on board with a pleasant temperature compared to the outdoor one. He wears the robes of the seller, pretending that the boat is not yours. Do not exaggerate in highlighting the positive aspects. Do not talk more than necessary, let the customer observe and ask questions. Better to pretend to be the owner, T h is no need to make fun of the potential buyer but not to take it personally s not like or is criticized by who's in front; this information will be very important for both the m gliorarla is better to deal with the buyer. Position the customer on the phone to avoid empty visits: Make a little 'of questions to ensure that you r have prepared the budget, or that thou Bear it in already pre deliberation from his bank for the request of a possiblefinancing and ask him if he has exchanges, very often it happens that the buyers start to visit boats even before having sold their own or without knowing if the bank will grant him the financing. Unfortunately, before finding the right one, you will have to talk to many potential stakeholders and have them visit as many. Do not rush the time and do not press the buyer if he has not been shown to be ready . Everything must be done at the right time. Do not try the boat if it is not reached before a financial settlement, s on, or so many "dreamers": if you do try the boat to anyone you ask, risks to make happy those who want to take the boat ride over the weekend .

*6) CONTRACT OE TESTS OF THE BOAT - *Once the price has been agreed, a preliminary sale is made by leaving a check to guarantee that it is at least 10% (if less, no one binds) , specifying that the purchaser has the right to carry out the technical checks by a pre-established date. , and set the dates within which they will be in charge of buying and selling, balance and delivery . Once the boat has been accepted as a result of the checks , if you or the buyer do not want to contact a N otaio (not advised if you are not assisted by an M ediator) today it is possible to sign with authenticate the deed of sale in Municipality , prepare the deed of sale ( that meets the standards required by the Inland revenue and the Harbor) to be signed (even by the seller) in dupli ce original, then the same must be registered c / o Office of the register and sent to the captaincy enrollment together with the navigation license for the transcription of the property on the same (the delay of more than 60 days for property transfer involves a fine) so you will be sure that you are no longer responsible, either civilly or criminally, for the use of the boat . The costs of these practices will be borne by the buyer.

In the event of the sale of a lease the contract becomes more complicated, in fact if not drawn up in a correct manner it could only bind the seller, especially if it is conditioned by the decision of the successor of the leasing company . Better to avoid signing contracts with a deposit to block the boat without being sure that the buyer will be able to obtain a loan , v i find s te committed indefinitely risking to lose any buyers .

If you do not want to take care of all this, discover THE ADVANTAGES OF RELYING TO A PROFESSIONAL.

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