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Personal broker - A personalized assisted purchase. You will want to make a wise purchase and without wasting time but following all the steps of the "Manual for the 'purchase of a boat used" INSERT LINK TO USER? Then you are ready to discover our PERSONAL BROKER. We're pleased to help you achieve your goal, n ow exploits the experience to find the perfect boat for you, and sleep soundly, we will deal with all of us, is our job and we do it with passion of thirty years, as if we bought for us! One of phases " Stressful " for a boat owner is own research and 'purchase of the boat "right": the understanding and their needs in a new dimension, studies are models, SELECTED ar and the many proposals on the web, understanding the dynamics of ads ( fake and duplication) and leasing, finding the right contract forms tutelante, find experts and competent mechanics to check the goodness à of 'unit A make payments safely and in the correct mode à, figure out what the best insurance for boating, evaluate whether to enter into the' bill of sale by a notary or in community, to know how to carry out the practice of transcription of the property A know what to do if the boat is flying the foreign flag . The capacity of PERSONAL BROKER is to know how to be a good "breeder": apparently the 'brokerage may be the first "victim" web offering to 'buyer' s direct ccess to the proposals; the P ERSONAL B ROKER will select the à all and filterer à the pi ù interessant i pe r cl othing simultaneously giving all elements to make the right choice. In addition to trusting the PERSONAL BROKER, you will not repeat all of your needs and what to look for all those who ontatt c i, will be a he is working for you; and you will not pay anything pi ù of the commission that you would pay to a broker that does not exclusively do your interests . Many of our clients and friends of the same have asked this kind of service, which, by chance as an asset à marginal, now engages pi ù of 50% of our working time. The figure of P ERSONAL B ROKER is based primarily on the relationship of trust . Our experts will follow you for the 'entire buying process in order to make your experience smooth, safe, affordable and memorable. Contact us to find out the details of how the PERSONAL BROKER works. Contact us.

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