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This short guide is proposed to let you know the causes, dynamics and "mix ups" with common d 'buying process. P can be ensiamo useful not only to those who have not yet "immersed" in this beautiful sea but also to those who are already navigating, so to avoid unpleasant experiences both during the research and during the purchase. If you already have a boat, know that giving it in exchange may seem the simplest thing but you must keep in mind that you will have a much more limited choice and negotiation. So if you do not content yourself and want to get the most advantageous price for you, sell your boat first! Click here vade mecum to sell a boat.

FINDING OR MODEL - The first thing to do is identify the needs and then define the model that can fully meet them . Think well, f act as many questions as possible, asking yourself how many cabins you need, what budget do you want / can invest in and the typology necessary boat (fly, open / hard top , fish erman). And much major are leaders know what t i really need, then establish the budget and if I had all the iquidità ready to buy, ask your bank or specialized lenders lease / mortgage nautical a pre-deliberation before starting the boat visits; in this way you will know with confidence how far you can push yourself and thus avoid wasting time and money on unnecessary visits .When a boat is leased, compare your income with the amount you should pay to the bank in one year ; in principle your income will have to be two to three times greater than this amount . To many it may seem obvious, but we assure you that we still meet customers who do not know these dynamics, especially given the current banking scenario. Make a proportion between size, age and brand. Better to consider a boat a little smaller but more recent (it will have less problems and will be a more modern model) and if possible also of brand (t i will allow you to keep more value with the passage of time, perhaps will be a bit 'more expensive among those compared but when you have to sell r and recover ) .

SELECTION - Visit the main portals of used boat ads . Thanks to the help given by the search filters, you can perform an advanced search according to your needs, it will facilitate the selection. Pay attention to two " classics " , doubles and owls : they are the boats that waste time, money and make empty trips! The duplicates are the multiple listings of the same boat made by different brokers, which not having an exclusivity will compete to put the most attractive price (unbeknownst to the owner) to "attach" the potential customer and will be condescending on any offer you even before you see the boat in order not to risk that you go to the consenting colleague, thus creating a false expectation . The problem will come out ol s after you wrote the offerand after you have already viewed the boat maybe away from your home : at that moment , when the seller / owner will see that 'unexpectedly low offer, will refuse it without batting an eyelid , so you will find it in front of very different numbers (even if you have always been indulged until then ...). and so the clash with reality, the disappointment and the awareness of the waste of time arrives . Admitted and not granted that after the "teasing" you still want to buy it and then raise the offer (rare that this happens) know that , in addition, you will be obliged to always do it with that broker, because it is he who made you visit the boat and started the negotiation and is therefore the one who for the Civil Code has the right to commission in the case of purchase, even if you had to buy it through other brokers or directly with the owner. To recognize the duplicates compare to photos, prezz the year, engines, engine hours and special accessories that personalize it ; even if there are small differences the boat is often the same, especially if visible in the same location (some also change the location) , the only certainty is to ask the name of the boat . If you want to own the boat and did not find other body and go "with feet of lead."

To recognize the owls analyzes the details of the card and photos (often scarse information and generic photos in the catalog), especially when it comes to boats for sale at prices below market. In reality they are boats that do not exist and only serve to take contact with a customer to put in the mailing list and / or to which offer other boats with less salable brands . In this case, however, you will notice immediately, just wasting a call. In all cases, always ask the broker if he has personally visited the boat, you will be so sure of the veracity of the information that will give you. Moral ... yes and you can, go on boats exclusively, synonymous with seriousness. The broker will know them very well as it will have invested time and money and will not create false illusions!

An advice ... to have a "precise picture" to a mirror to compare and the "papabili " in which you will indicate price, brand and model, year, engines, hours of fashion , relevant accessories and distance from your mooring = transfer cost. Do not forget to always ask for the status of 'tax, to avoid discovering advances in negotiations ta that in addition to the required figure we must add VAT.

VISIT - Choose the two or three best d to go and see. B efore move sure that the broker knows them personally; c hiedigli if there are known defects / jobs to be performed, the history of maintenance work carried out in recent years and photos original, especially defects , so you will not have any surprises when you go to visit them. If the boat is going to a leasing in progress, ask for a copy of the amortization plan , which will show the principal amount and the interest rate of the rat a, and most important of all , at each installment due date . the residual capital debt (ie net of interest) . If not explicitly stated on these amounts document incl endono the 'IVA. During the visit check the documents and compare the correspondence with the information of the advertisement.

OFFER - It's very important sign an offerof purchase that includes the condition precedent of the checks t echnical during which emerge the possible difett i. The expense incurred to make it worth the peace and security of your purchase. A fter asked the relevant references, "hires" is a na v ale expert that a mechanic of the parent engine (possibly avoiding the mechanic who follows the boat, could be biased). Before proceeding with the checks, signthe acceptance of the offer so that the price and conditions must not be re-discussed (except for defects to be resolved for the safety of the boat and navigation) . Before or during the technical checks, make sure that the navigation license there are no mortgages outstanding (always good to ask a freshman extract the Harbor of registration, the license could not be upgraded) and Co ntrolla that not anus reported extraordinary events andthat the Safety Certificate (commonly known as "RINA") has not expired.

*PUBLIC ACT OF SALE AND PASSAGE OF PROPERTY - *The compulsory documents to present for the sale of a boat are the navigation license, the security certificate and the VHF license (blue A4-sized card ). For the sale of registered movable goods it is no longer mandatory to do the deed of sale from the N otaio but a sales declaration with authenticated signing is sufficient : it is possible to authenticate at the dedicated counters of the municipalities offering this service or at the nautical agencies that have a telematic desk . After signing the sales declaration, the same must be recorded and transmitted to the Port Authorities for the transcription of the property (two authentic copies are required, one for the registry office and one for C apitaneria) . At the individual who does not use a shipbroker in writing to the role, we recommend you rely on a notary or agency boating with electronic door (it will cost a little more but it will be protected and for the verification of documents is the correct drafting of 'place and also they will be to deal with the registration of the act). The agency will be a still useful for trascri tion of property and for the 'upgrading of the chin to the VHF license.

If you do not see or daughter to take care of everything, entrusted to a professional ... click on PERSONAL BROKER.

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